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HAPO SD Exoskeleton


The HAPO SD (Without Unlocking) posture harness is the simplest and most robust physical (exoskeleton) support device of the HAPO family.

Natural adaptation of HAPO, HAPO SD was developed especially to prevent the health of workers subjected to full bending tasks on the ground.

Available in 4 sizes (S0, S1, S2, S3).

Made in USA.

Warranty 1 year


Size Exoskeleton HAPO SD : S0 (1m50 - 1m60)
Shipped within 15 days

Guarantee safe & secure checkout

Start-up support (if Consulting service option chosen):

A specialized adviser supports you in integrating the exoskeleton into your activity:

- How to put on the exoskeleton, define the right settings, the tasks where it will be most useful, the tasks where it should not be used.

- Presentation of training materials (including maintenance and after-sales service) and warranty registration.


Even easier to use than other exoskeletons in the HAPO range, equip themselves with it is faster and it requires no manipulation to reach work immediately. At the same time light and discreet, the HAPO SD has been designed to reduce lumbar efforts and preserve intervertebral discs. In fine, HAPO SD is an effective solution to reduce the risk of Musculo-Skeletal Disorders (TMS) for complete dynamic bending tasks.

For who?

As with HAPO, HAPO SD is not limited to a trade but rather to a type of tasks requiring a large bending of the trunk and can thus be used for ground work. All materials have been chosen so that they can use HAPO SD both outdoors and indoors. 

As a result, HAPO can be found in many sectors and professions (non-exhaustive list) 

Construction | logistics | industry | farming | medical


The HAPO works by partially redirecting the efforts of the top of the trunk (pectoral support) to the thighs using composite springs. The back belt allows, for its part, a maintenance without lumbar restraint.

Laboratory tests showed that, compared to an exoskeleton-free situation, the HAPO SD allowed for a reduction of approximately -11% of the back muscles.

Characteristics :

No unlocking

Adjustment of assistance: independently on each side

4 sizes (S0, S1, S2, S3) to choose according to user morphology

Mass: 0.9 kg (for size S2)

Start time: 45 seconds

Time to remove it: 20 seconds



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HAPO Exoskeleton

Availability: Out of stock
The HAPO posture harness is a Physic (exoskeletal) device designed to prevent the health of workers subjected to static or dynamic bending tasks of the trunk.

Available in 3 sizes.

Made in USA.

Warranty 1 year


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