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HAPO UP Exoskeleton


The HAPO UP is a Physic Resistance Device (exoskeleton) that allows to limit the biomechanical stresses of the shoulders for the "airarm" work phases or for repetitive tasks in the vertical plane.

Single size.

User-adjustable support power.

Design and assembly in France.

Warranty 1 year.

Shipped within 35 days

Guarantee safe & secure checkout

Start-up support (if Consulting service option chosen):

A specialized adviser supports you in integrating the exoskeleton into your activity:

- How to put on the exoskeleton, define the right settings, the tasks where it will be most useful, the tasks where it should not be used.

- Presentation of training materials (including maintenance and after-sales service) and warranty registration.


The HAPO UP helps relieve the user’s shoulders to reduce the risk of Musculo-Skeletal Disorders (TMS). As a result, the HAPO UP is particularly suitable for “airarm” or for light load handling tasks in the vertical plane for a vertical amplitude of 60° to 180°.

For who?

Work situations requiring a “arm in the air” posture are considered at risk for workers as they are at the origin of the onset of joint degradation of arms and shoulders. 

Many sectors and professions are concerned (non-exhaustive lists)

Building | public works | maintenance | industry | farming | craftsmanship


Natural evolution of the SHIVA, the HAPO UP draws its power from an articulated arm architecture that incorporates a composite blade (patented by ErgoHealth).

At rest, the articulated arms of the exoskeleton are attached to the belt level, which guarantees an ergonomic installation for people suffering from pathologies on their shoulders.

The HAPO UP is an example of excellence in support: -40% and -28% reduction in muscle solicitation of the shoulder, respectively for tasks with holding arms above the head and for movements of light loads in the vertical plane.


Amplitude of movements with assistance: from 60° to 180° in height, up to 180° in horizontal

Passive and adjustable support: up to 3.8 Kg per arm; passive and automatic disconnection when the arms are descended along the body

Single size: HAPO UP harness and articulated arms are adjustable to user morphologies.

Mass: 1,67 Kg

Start time: 50 seconds

Time to remove it: 20 seconds

Modularity: HAPO UP belt and harness are similar to HAPO FRONT. It is therefore possible to switch from one exoskeleton model to another by replacing the UP modules with the FRONT modules and removing the booster strap on the harness.


The HAPO UP is an example of excellence in terms of assistance: -40% and -28% reduction in shoulder stress, respectively for tasks with arms held above the head and for movements of light loads.



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HAPO FRONT exoskeleton

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The HAPO FRONT is a light and intuitive Physical Assistance Device (exoskeleton) for use that has been designed to relieve the upper limbs, shoulders and elbows during repetitive tasks for "arms in front of you".

Single size.

2 possible support powers.

Design and assembly in France.

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HAPO SD Exoskeleton

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The HAPO SD (Without Unlocking) posture harness is the simplest and most robust physical (exoskeleton) support device of the HAPO family.

Natural adaptation of HAPO, HAPO SD was developed especially to prevent the health of workers subjected to full bending tasks on the ground.

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HAPO Exoskeleton

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The HAPO posture harness is a Physic (exoskeletal) device designed to prevent the health of workers subjected to static or dynamic bending tasks of the trunk.

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TAILLE copie.png

HAPO NECK Exoskeleton

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Dynamic assistance that follows the movement of the head

Anatomical adjustments and adjustable assistance

Transfer of effort to the middle of the back to free the shoulders (comfort)

Ease of use and adjustment (intuitive)

Compatibility with the Hapo Up (upper limb exoskeleton)